Five-Year Warranty Coverage

• KAILANI Sports Premium Coolers have a Five-Year Warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.
• If the cooler breaks through normal use, KAILANI Sports Inc. will replace it, repair it, or provide replacement parts at no cost, at our discretion.
• The warranty is effective from the purchase date for the original owner.
• Defective handles, latches, valves, and gaskets can be replaced and will be supplied at no cost, at our discretion.
• Proof of purchase must be provided upon request to verify warranty coverage. Please retain purchase receipts for your records or register your purchase at the link below.

Items Not Covered by the Warranty

• A damaged or torn gasket is not covered under warranty as it is considered normal wear and tear.
• All warranty claims of any nature are void if the item has been altered, including damage caused from adding non-KAILANI accessories.

Product Registration

• Warranty Coverage is effective from the date of purchase. If you will not be keeping your receipt, please take a few moments to register your purchase by clicking on the link below. Your registration can also help us keep you up to date on new product information and exclusive offers.
• If you purchased your cooler from your warranty is automatically registered.

Click on the link below to register your KAILANI cooler.

Register Your Cooler